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Our Team

Stephen Meade — The Real Estate Broker

I’m passionate about homes and architecture. I focus on the Broadmoor Exclusives neighborhood in Tustin because it’s what I’m interested in. For more than the last 5 years I have been fortunate enough to live and work out of a mid-century modern ranch home right here, in Tustin.

In real estate, passion is great but it isn’t enough. To successfully serve your clients, you need skills and experience. I’ve held a real estate license since 2003 and a full broker’s license since 2005. I’ve helped scores of clients, just like you.

Real estate isn’t a hobby, it’s a full-time business. Constantly, I work with my team to build systems to better serve our clients. Each transaction we do is an opportunity to improve our craft and find ways to help our clients even more.

Victoria Whittaker — The Marketeer

I bought my house almost 5 years ago with the help of MeadeFirst. I spent more than 3 months and walked into over 200 homes in Orange County with very unique tastes and specifications in mind. I wanted my mid-century modern and art deco furniture to look like it belonged in my house instead of cramming it into a typical tilt-up, built in the 80’s Irvine box. I also wanted to live in a town that has some culture, architecture, and a sense of community. Tustin turned out to be the perfect place for me.

Seeing that Stephen has a similar passion for architecture, I found it very helpful to have him on my side while purchasing my home. I liked working with Stephen so much that I decided to join his team a couple of years later. I’ve really enjoyed taking on marketing for MeadeFirst. I have the flexibility to try lots of out of the box ideas. I strongly believe in supporting local vendors and businesses and bring that into how we market ourselves.

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MeadeFirst — The Company

We’re a small real estate brokerage here in Tustin. We also have a couple of agents in the San Gabriel Valley and Northern California. Unlike many of the larger national chains, we’re small and nimble. Instead of an office full of crummy part-time agents, we have just a few, and they’re all good. Instead of miles of red type and corporate policies, we spend nearly all of our time on you, the clients.